Notes hot springs

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Notes hot springs

1, please observe the relevant rules and regulations place hot springs and requirements.

2, bathing before about the types of hot springs, and choose according to their own conditions, in order to truly achieve the expected result of bathing. According to the water quality division, carbonated spring spa is generally divided into neutral, alkaline sodium bicarbonate spring, salt spring and the sulfur spring four. Hot spring water is different, different diseases have different effects. Such as various components are the pure spring, for neuralgia, rheumatism and skin diseases have convalescent effect; containing carbon dioxide carbonated spring, then the treatment of hypertension, heart disease is good.

3, bathing before the warm bath, and then let the body adapt to the water soak into the Tumbler, it can avoid a sudden drop in blood pressure and anemia due to dizziness. Recommended to detect by hand or foot spring temperature is appropriate, do not suddenly jump into the hot springs. Best not alone bathing, to avoid accidents.

4, after a long journey please select the appropriate rest wasted. Fasting, bathing should be avoided after a meal, so as not to cause anemia and dyspepsia, fasting may lead to collapse. To avoid wasted drink, drink, bathing products could lead to acute heart or vascular system.

5, before bathing the body of the metal jewelry off in order to avoid ornaments were vulcanized into the black.

6, choose according to their different temperatures (low, medium, high) Tangchi to soak into, generally from low to high temperatures, each not more than 15 minutes.

7, the elderly, dry skin or itchy winter skin problems, the hot springs of time should not be too long. I remember when bathing to replenish the loss due to body temperature and moisture.

8, with massage. Appropriate spa massage will strengthen the health effects of some diseases has obvious therapeutic effect.

9, in the process of bathing if you feel dry mouth, chest tightness, short break to replenish your water and then into the bubble. In case of rapid heart beat, difficulty breathing and so on, please stop into the hot spring sites and inform staff and entourage, to avoid danger.

10, Paowan spa, in addition to stimulating greater hydrogen sulfide strongly acidic hot springs and spa, rinse required, the other hot springs do not have to rinse.

11, after bathing, please be careful not to catch cold Phi good towel, drinking water or drink beverages should be appropriate to supplement the loss of water.


People should not be hot springs

1, cancer, leukemia patients (stimulates metabolism, causing the body to accelerate weak). Cured by surgical removal or otherwise.

2, acute diseases, such as acute pneumonia, bronchitis, tonsillitis, otitis media, especially in patients with fever.

3, tuberculosis and tuberculous disease.

4, typhoid, dysentery, influenza and other infectious diseases. When people appear inflamed tonsils, fever, colds and other acute disease, the body's defenses are weakened, there will be chills, fever. Then if the body heat of the patients placed in high temperature, high humidity in the spring, but due to the narrow space between the spring package, air circulation, accelerate patient evaporation, likely to cause dehydration, hypoxia, increased cough adverse reactions or breathing difficulties, after suddenly encountered a cold bath, but also increase the cold.

5, syphilis, gonorrhea and other sexually transmitted diseases.

6, malnourished

7, the body is extremely weak person.

8, severe eczema, dermatitis and skin ulcers wounds were. Hot springs contain sulfur and other acid-base material can be anti-inflammatory, for general infection or parasitic skin disease is very effective, but sometimes irritate the skin so that the wound worse, and even lead to "hot skin", so for some skin patients, not hot springs. For people with eczema, atopic dermatitis of the people, soak in hot water too long, because the skin to accelerate the evaporation of water, destruction of the protective layer of skin, but also easily lead to the aggravation of the symptoms.

9, skin allergies are advised not to hot springs.

10, pregnant women, early and late pregnancy.

11, after surgery were not hot springs.

12, female menstruation.

13, patients with diabetes should not be a long soak hot baths, steam sauna and hot springs, because the water temperature is too high to allow patients to speed up the absorption of insulin injections, and for a long time overheating the body and increased energy consumption, heart burden, it is easy unexpected. Recommended in patients with diabetes in the bath longer than 20 minutes, the water temperature should not exceed 40 degrees Celsius to avoid accidents. Severe diabetes with vascular complications in patients with even more inappropriate for hot springs.

14, easy to insomnia, not a long soak.

15, where heart disease, high blood pressure or physical discomfort, not hot springs, unless permitted by a doctor. Cardiovascular patients with high blood pressure, heart disease, taking the premise of the rules, you can hot springs, hot springs water temperature should not be too high, should generally be maintained at 40 degrees Celsius, not too long soaking time, every time the water can not more than 15 minutes; and not to allow the water level over the location of the heart, blood vessels in order to avoid a sudden expansion of an accident; care should be taken up slowly, to prevent blood vessels expand, blood pressure leading to dizziness and falls.

16 drink ban hot springs, hot springs, when the body due to natural expansion of blood vessels, and dilation of blood vessels alcohol itself the role of the dual pressures will lead to cardiovascular disease.

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