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Colorful tourist activities, but as an active process, in order to prevent any eventuality, and if, to participate in tourism-related insurance is useful. Travel-related insurance, the following three:


1 passenger travel accident insurance. Where the travel distance, bus, boat, or halfway from the ticket on the bus stop (boat), to reach the trip destination or get off, get off of the insurance period. According to accident conditions, payment of insurance money. Insurance premiums by 5% of the price.


2 passenger personal accident insurance. In the insurance period, the insured person for accidental injury caused the loss of bodily functions or physically disabled, required payment in full, half or part of the insurance amount.


3 guests as personal insurance. Insurance period of 15 days, starting from zero lodging count, can apply for full renewal period. Once the accident personal injury cases under the guests and property damage insurance money. Fourth, with the legal weapons to protect their legitimate rights and interests


October 15, 1997 release of "Travel Regulations" (hereinafter by "the Ordinance") for strengthening the tourism industry, to maintain the tourism market order, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of tourists and travel agents is important.


The following is the "Regulations" in the interests of tourists, close with a summary:


1 According to the "Regulations" Section 21, Article 22 and Article 23, travel agencies should safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of tourists; travel agents provide travel services to tourists to be true and reliable information, not false propaganda; travel agencies organize travel, should be for the tourists travel accident insurance, and ensure the protection of tourists in line with the services provided personal and financial security requirements, would endanger the tourists for personal and property safety issues should explain to the tourists to make a real and clear warning, and to take measures to prevent harm occurring; travel agency travel programs for travelers, according to state regulations fees, travel expenses are subject to increase services, it shall obtain the prior consent of tourists, travel agencies offer paid services, shall be in accordance with relevant state services provided documents issued to tourists.


(2) to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests, effective complaints.


According to the "Regulations" Section 24 provides that one of the following circumstances, the loss caused to the tourists, tourists have the right to complaint to the administrative department for domestic tourism travel agents.


(1) travel agents due to their own fault the service contract does not meet quality standards;


(2) the end of travel agency services meet national standards or industry standards;


(3) Travel bankruptcy caused by the loss of tourist travel costs prepaid.

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