Hiking, cycling tourism, outdoor tent camping safety

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A hiking safety


Exposure to a wide range of hiking, you can observe and learn along the way to many useful things, to increase knowledge, and to exercise. Walking on the road to pay attention to technology and skills. Small majority go far go far good pace, not only can save energy consumption, and easy to break. Walking posture should be the body's natural forward, hands placed on both sides not to be back and forth. It is best to move along with their feet, and then through the arch to the center of gravity to shift to the front foot up. Walking shoes is very important to light, the right size, not too thin soles, choose walking over uneven pavement. Moving a break, loosen laces, elevate some of his feet to promote blood circulation. Best feet with hot water before going to bed, help eliminate fatigue. Feet whipped, the blisters can be sterilized needle to pick open, release fluid, wear a clean line or into the hair, and pay attention to prevent infection.


Travel, will inevitably ask for directions, asking for directions to pay attention to skills:


1 to be polite, ask for directions must be smiling, humble tone, in order to obtain each other's goodwill. According to different objects with different names.


2 To select the right object. First elected to ask the way the locals. Second, choose the opposite sex to ask the way, from a psychological point of view, the choice of the opposite sex, easy to obtain good results. Third, the elderly and lovers choose to ask the way. Fourth, select the police and students asking for directions. Worth noting that, generally not to hurry the passer, face down cold cathode or meditation or reluctant to ask for directions Xiang Wei's lover.


3 to ask the way to remember the location and characteristics. Listen to the person, to seize the key, such as names, terrain, location and basic characteristics of the typical signs. In the target is unknown, should ask a few people use their experience and knowledge to judge, to ask the way to achieve the purpose.


An important lesson: to ask the way some talk in Putonghua.




Second, cycling tourism safety


Without prejudice to working conditions, taking some time for short bike tours, can enhance physical fitness, increase knowledge, appreciation of the motherland's great rivers and mountains. Make a good bike maintenance before departure, especially tires do not leak, before, during and rear axle in good condition, sensitive and effective lock gate bell. The best vehicle to bring a small pump and a simple repair kit. The end of a day tour, to carefully check the vehicle, identify problems in time. Tourists riding daily mileage plan, preferably not more than 100 km, and between the appropriate tour, rest, in order to always maintain a strong energy. In wind conditions, and its ride forward, not as vehicles to implement. Cycling speed not too fast, encounter intersection, Qiaotu or on the downhill, with particular attention to safety.




Third, the outdoor tent camping safety


1 camp choice.


(1) Select to flood water, prevent landslides, anti-humidity, lightning, fire prevention, pest attack areas.


(2) can not set foot in the rock, cliff, the alluvial mound and possible avalanche areas.


(3) Do not dry bushes in coniferous forest, or, if the fire spread quickly.


(4) should be near the water. The best choice for camp or forest clearing in the woods edge, can also choose to Hill Top in the plains of the hill, river hill.


(2) open up new sources of water to be disinfected or purified before use. Camp sewage must be discharged, not indiscriminately throwing, otherwise it will affect the environmental health are likely to breed mosquitoes. Sewage treatment facilities or sewage ditch, required in the leeward side of the camp, and maintain an appropriate distance, so you can get rid of odor nuisance.


3 waste to be incinerated or buried.


4 toilets to be located on the leeward side of the camp, may request the farmers dig dung manure for fertilizer use or digging burial treatment.


5 To check the fire is completely extinguished, and then on the road.

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