Mountain climbing, water sports, skiing safety precautions

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Mountain climbing, water sports, skiing safety precautions:


1. Mountaineering.


Climbers note the following:


(1) up the mountain to be lightly armed, with less baggage, in order to avoid too much physical exertion, affect the mountain.


(2) mountain climate changes, when the rain and sunshine, capricious. When climbing with a raincoat, rain wind, not an umbrella.


(3) Do not climb the peak thunderstorm, do not iron hand railings, do not shelter under a tree to prevent lightning strikes.


(4) mountains at night and early morning low temperatures, up the mountain to bring a little thick clothes.


(5) climbing to wear hiking shoes, shoes, shoes appropriate, easy to wear leather shoes and slipped the plastic-soled shoes for safety, climbers can buy a bamboo or cane.


(6) high mountains steep, mountain tour, when appropriate in order to slow, not too fast. Must be "walk do not look at King, King does not walk", while walking is often more dangerous.


(7) Mountain-peer should be together, take care of each other, do not register alone rising risk.


(8) mountain bend forward slightly when the body can take the "" shaped. In this way, effort, and easy.


(9) up the mountain to bring enough water, drinks and medicines necessary to meet the need.


(10) Mountain when the next heavy rain, flash floods oncoming very fierce, fast, not rain on the eve of laundry in the river, play, to avoid accidents.


(11) in the high and steep mountains on dangerous photography, the photographer choose the right approach after not moving, with special attention not to retreat, in case of emergency.


(12) mountains I do not know the depth of the pool do not go swimming, even if the summer, spring will be cool, place the possibility of greater danger.


(13) To prevent fires, cigarette smoking will be conscious, Stick off, not to arbitrarily throw.




(2) water sports.


Water sports include swimming, boating, water skiing, surfing, diving, swimming focus on the following safety precautions:


(1) before the first swim, should carry out health checks. Those who have viral hepatitis, active tuberculosis, conjunctivitis, otitis media, diarrhea, heart disease, mental illness and epilepsy who are unsuitable for swimming.


(2) water before each must pay attention to preparing activity. Such as gymnastics do it again, stretching his arms and legs, curved back, skip along, all joint activities activities to increase muscle strength and flexibility, allowing the body to adapt to the needs of swimming activities.


(3), consideration should be the first water wash into the water, head, chest, back and limbs, the body adapt to the cold stimulus, and then swim.




3 skiing.


Skiing to note:


(1) to be able to identify and observe all warnings and tips ski sign, an overview of the ski should have a preliminary understanding.


(2) Remember to do what. When skiers reach the skill level to safely stop and slide to avoid obstacles and other skiers on when to resort to a higher level.


(3) stay at rest stop in the slide to the edge, can not prevent others, and to pay attention to who slid down from above, re-enter the ski or slide should also be the case.


(4) downhill, you will not hit the touch in front of people who ski.


(5) are in the slide in front of taxiway equipment anomalies or unknown, we should pause.


(6) Do not take risks, not alone in the forest or where avalanche-prone ski, easy to steep slopes and deep valley to the slide. Three or more together, skiing is the safest. Do not ski in the range of the resort, the best early return, and never allowed to exceed the specified limits the resort, away from the camp to go skiing, to prevent accidents.


(7) usually should learn some basic knowledge about health care and first aid.



(8) During training, coaches and skiers must obey the resort staff and command arrangements.


(9) understand the ski lifts of the opening hours of unattended when not to ride. Avoid frostbite accident.

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