First aid prevention and treatment of common diseases and travel

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Tourism can help physical and mental health, health promotion in order to achieve the purpose, in the tourist should pay attention to disease prevention is a problem. To this end a variety of preparations to do before travel, tourism, we should actively carry out self-care to prevent injuries and accidents, and learn to control a number of minor ailments and common diseases, to be able to do Chuluanbujing case of emergency, failing do not panic.


1 do the health check before travel.


Important to note that patients with the following conditions should be suspended travel: those who suffer from acute healed; with more serious cardiovascular, liver, lung, kidney and other vital organs diseases; in various infectious and inflammatory exacerbation patients; with chronic diseases are in the acute phase or active persons; various reasons due to severe anemia; recent cerebral vascular accident condition had stabilized, as well as medium-sized post-operative, in the recovery of patients.


(2) essential drugs before travel to prepare.


(1) antibiotics, such as the enzyme acetyl-helix, etc., to keep separate berberine, dedicated to intestinal infection.


(2) antiviral drugs, cough and cold drugs such as Radix.


(3), antipyretic, analgesic drugs such as aspirin, pain tablets and so on.


(4) digestive system commonly used drugs, such as Weishuping, furazolidone and so on.


(5) respiratory system commonly used drugs, such as quick cold capsules, pills Yinqiaojiedu, grass coral lozenges, tablets and other watermelon frost.


(6) sedative hypnotic drugs, such as stability and so on.


(7), cardiovascular drugs, such as nitroglycerin, nifedipine and so on.


(8) anti-motion sickness drugs, such as by halo-ning, halo Justine Henin-Hardenne.


(9), allergy, such as chlorpheniramine, astemizole and so on.


(10) heatstroke drugs, such as Huo Xiang Zheng Qi Wan, cool oil.


(11) traumatic, such as are safflower oil, Yunnanbaiyao, iodine, bandages and so on.


3 prevention and treatment of common travel.


(1) anti-motion sickness, seasickness has its laws. First of all to maintain a good mood before the trip, do not drink, do not fullness or hunger. General travel services a half an hour before the first anti-corona medicine. If motion sickness, the Ministry of available cold towel and chest; the eyes fixed on a distant gaze fixed on the goal; if nausea and vomiting, need something clean and as good as possible; the case in the car, open the windows, blow fresh air ; if dizziness, breathing should be open, chewing a piece of candy, can achieve good results.


(2) how to do the journey diarrhea. First, pay attention to food hygiene and develop good health habits to prevent disease from the mouth. On the road, you can also take the amount of berberine and other drug prevention diarrhea.


4 travel in accident and emergency treatment.


(1) the rescue of drowning. Was found during the tourist drowning, do not panic. Will swim off shoes and socks and heavy clothes to save water; not swim, in addition to cry others, should quickly be of wood, bamboo and other objects thrown to the drowning, drowning was put ashore, should be implemented immediately artificial respiration.


(2) fracture first aid trip. If the injured shock, should be immediately allowed to lie horizontally, the fracture to keep warm against cool, and to the wounded and taking painkillers sedatives. Open fracture of the first bleeding. Vertebral fractures, to prevent inadvertent damage to the spine causing paralysis move. Limb fractures, in order to avoid damage local muscle, blood vessels, nerves, etc., to prevent fracture dislocation, and do not force to reset. Find the fixed materials such as wood, bamboo, etc. for the injured limb to a fixed.


(3) journey ankle sprain treatment.


Ankle sprain occurs, the first limb to be forcing up towel with ice or cold to relieve pain and subcutaneous bleeding, and blood stasis with a paste of cream outside the affected area. On the road that no drugs nor the tape, you can use a hand holding a sprained ankle, the other hand grasp the toes, shaking from outside to inside, let the toes bend down as far as possible, and then make the toes bend up as much as possible, repeatedly, will be improved. If the sprain is severe, as completely torn ligament, ankle instability are strictly prohibited chaos by chaos rubbing, immediately to the hospital.


(4) prevention and treatment of leg cramps in the road. Relatively simple to prevent leg cramps, before the event, after the event, before going to bed, Massage calf muscles can be. Often cramps people in swimming before the smashed ginger ginger juice applied to the legs, full massage, will be able to receive good preventive effect. Treatment methods are more like throwing your feet: the seated, single-handedly forced spasm of the calf compression, single-handedly pull the foot back to seize the toe, the foot dorsiflexion, and then up and down his foot, cramps can be eased . If the cramp occurs in swimming, can be far forward thigh board, hand foot hard to the direction of the body pull the thumb repeatedly, until the symptoms disappear.



(5) the size of road trauma bleeding method. Unfortunately, due to road trauma and bleeding, stop the bleeding as soon as possible. There are many ways to stop bleeding, a small bleeding wound, and the wound can be used within the local press nor the foreign law, is to use a handkerchief, gauze covered the wound on the direct hand to suppress, on the injured limb higher than the position of the heart, able to quickly stop bleeding. Slightly with the palm or tapping the feet of the Achilles tendon force, the film several times, small wounds can also stop bleeding. If you use drugs to stop bleeding, Yunnanbaiyao is the preferred medicine. If it is a large area of ​​the wound limb, a tourniquet can be used or handkerchiefs, scarves, tied firmly on one side of the wound near the heart, release a few minutes every hour, and then lashing in the hemostatic process, to maintain injured limb above the heart level.


(6) to prevent heat stroke


Heat stroke is in a hot environment, because the heat can not be distributed out of the body, so that the temperature imbalance caused by a disease. Its symptoms are fever, pale, thin and fast pulse, blood pressure, and in severe coma. Generally use the following measures to prevent heat stroke:


1 do not in strong sunlight.


(2) attention to indoor air, can not dress too much, cover too strict.


3 times a small amount of water, or salt water to drink good point.


4 Do not exercise too much.


5 to wear a hat outdoors.


6 to bring Dan, Huoxiangzhengqi pills, Shi Dishui, cool oil heatstroke drugs.

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