Tourism accommodation and food safety precautions

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A tourist hotel occupancy Notes


1 is the most secure four or five floors, the thief is not easy to break into, but also easy to escape the fire. Some cities, fire-fighting facilities can not reach the upper floors.


2 If someone gave something to your room, call the front desk should be confirmed before the door.


3 Do not use your company name reservation, otherwise it will increase harassment, kidnapping, theft risks.


4 tourists to protect themselves and their room key, if key is lost must inform the front desk attendant, not secretly lent the key unregistered friends to use.


5 When the tourists received harassing phone calls, the complaint should be immediately, notify the front desk manager on duty will be to identify the caller.





Second, the tourism in the food safety


Do not travel outside the special dishes bulimia, eating do not eat a meal hunger and meal; to avoid "fire," eat less meat and fish and other fatty foods, eat plenty of vegetables and fruits, drink green tea or boiled water; less eat cold food, especially do not eat raw fish dishes like Clam; do not eat too much seafood, eat garlic, drink wine, to prevent diarrhea, stomach of poor people be cautious; not used to the spices of the local and food, would rather eat or not eat, in order to avoid stomach upset, affecting the entire travel process. Poor health for some hotels, the best use of disposable Beikuai and bowls, hand-washing before meals and after meals.

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