Atami Bath Valley SPA

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The: Atami Bath Valley is to improve and enhance the Atami National Scenic Area reception conditions.

Atami Bath Valley is to improve and enhance the Atami national key scenic spots reception conditions, the effective utilization of geothermal resources of quality projects, through scientific development and use of Atami unique, rare geothermal resources, follow the man and nature, the principle of unity, the natural hot springs and the organic combination of landscape architecture, configuration, set off each other constitute a perfect harmony of the natural Tuzhou.

Atami Atami Bath Valley area in the heart of the mountain terrain and built, the valley pavilions, bridges, flowers and trees of life hearted, 16 of which dotted bubble pool, so that the building layout and the natural landscape of organic Atami combined, form the SPA bath therapeutic culture and wonderful garden art painting colorful scene, is the world mountains, hot springs, so that visitors to fully get into the bath after the Valley, "return to nature," the spirit of the meet.

Bath size of 8360 m2 Building valley, garden landscaping 4689 square meters, peak at the same time tourists 540 people. Valley, a total of 16 open-air bath, semi-open gold and other mineral elements in the original soup hot water pool, different functions, features numerous. Known as "God pesticide bath," said the seven herbs pool, suitable for all types of people. Five characteristics of bubble bath pool at Central Valley, as follows: cedar pool, Aloe pool, wine, pool, tea pool. Four natural Tangchi (Spa) is located in Bath Valley hinterland, and the most characteristic is the hot oxygen bar, also known as "geothermal fumigation", with its closely linked.



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