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The: In order for you to enjoy a full hot spring SPA, we offer you a variety of distinctive health spa ...

In order for you to enjoy a full hot spring SPA, we offer you a variety of distinctive health spa combined with physical therapy, you can choose to enjoy their favorite projects.

Care Atami volcano: volcano, Atami is the attendant complement each other, care Atami volcano is "hot sea SPA - spring rhyme," the top course of treatment, the use of volcanic eruption thousands of years after the formation of volcanic rock, and then 102 ℃ hot sea "impregnable" (big roll pan hot) soak, so that volcanic hot stone hot water to fully absorb the unique trace elements, minerals and volcanic rock release, plus the "impregnable" own unique mineral, and then with essential oils to care for the body to add trace elements, for dredging channels, softening skin, smooth skin, insomnia and wonders.

Soup aromatic care: the use of hot spring water heating sea conceive of Temperature natural plant oils, the use of gentle, soothing approach to body oil, well conceived element of the hot water with radon-specific natural plant essential oils on the treatment of human endocrine disorders, repose, elimination of fatigue, relax wonders.

Jade soup care: a Tengchong jade, jade dependents, people raise jade, jade has a soul, etc., in Tengchong too much about the legend of jade, but jade dependents, people raise is that people recognized jade, jade soup course is based on the major joints of the human form of jade massage equipment produced by soaking in water heating Zhenzhuquan, then massage the body, can effectively improve blood circulation and muscle pain, loose skin, dry, relieve fatigue, eyesight Yang Xin wonders.

Shu-style care: fragrance therapists use techniques to relax the care of the entire body care, make people to relieve stress, reduce fatigue, Shu meridians, the role of health care.

Foot Lava Hot Springs: the first with hot spring water and some Hite (gin) of the 15-minute foot soak, then use the volcanic pumice stone for foot massage, but also to remove the foot of sebum, which together with essential oils foot for care.

Mud Skin: The volcanic eruption of magma, after years of sedimentation on the formation of soil, against the hot springs water, adhere to the human body, skin care can play to promote the metabolism of the effect.

Lava Foot:Lava is the first foot on the foot with the Tengchong volcanic stone massage, while removing the foot of sebum, combined with the essential oils for foot care.

Cabei: first the skin surface to remove dirt, combined with massage of the meridians, acupuncture points for care, in order to facilitate the body to better absorb the hot mineral water.

 Pull the tank: the use of bamboo cut from the nearby village made of bamboo, soak in hot water over 80 ℃, after removing the thermal expansion and contraction according to the principle of absorption in the body's main meridians and acupuncture points, the principal can play a clear Meridian, warm and cold, fatigue, the body's moisture, cold unplug the body, can treat rheumatism, frozen shoulder, etc., while expansion of the skin pores, in order to facilitate the body better absorb the hot mineral water.



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