The difference between SPA and Hydrotherapy

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The: What is a spa?

What is a spa?

What is hydrotherapy?

Both seem to like, but not exactly the same.

Greek solusparaqua spa is the acronym, meaning health in the water. Refers to the combination of people use the natural water bath, massage and aromatherapy to promote metabolism, to meet the human visual, taste, touch, smell and think, to enjoy a carefree mind. Spa is the use of different temperature, pressure and solute content of water in the human body in different ways and methods to prevent and cure diseases. Spa on the human body are mainly thermal stimulation, mechanical stimulation and chemical stimulation. Can be divided according to their use of bath, shower, jet bath, whirlpool bath, air bubble bath, etc.; its temperature can be divided into high-temperature water bath, warm bath, flat warm water and cold; their drugs can be divided into carbonic acid contained bath, resin bath, bath salt bath and starch. Spa and spa bath are the results refers to the use of water resources to achieve a more healthy people a way of life, but both are different in minor ways to achieve water treatment will focus on technology, equipment, means the use, spa is included visual , taste, touch, etc. of a wholehearted enjoyment and atmosphere.



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