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The: Enjoy the SPA, but also enjoy a mood in the nature of the skin from the elements with close contac...

Enjoy the SPA, but also enjoy a mood in the nature of the skin from the elements with close contacts in the mood to enjoy, and seek face, physical beauty and the calm, open-minded mood, therefore, in a sense, SPA is a kind of mood.

For the busy corporate employees, the conditions and not everyone has the opportunity to pay is not too bad place to enjoy the atmosphere of the SPA, and SPA is not missed on it  In actual fact, as long as you are good at details from everyday life to create, re-read from the perspective of the SPA, to be existing life, bit by bit, slowly change the current way of life, closer to home life to the SPA, the same can be beauty , the effect of body and lighten up. For example, the use of some existing items, materials or equipment to take care of appearance, little effort to create an atmosphere that relieve pressure SPA, SPA at home are a good idea ah! The following 50 details of life can make you completely up to become SPA!

1, labeled with a carrot or tomato mud to wrap the body, together with milk or honey, whitening effect beautifully.

2, if go to the beach for fun, do not forget to come back a little grit, coupled with essential oils and lotions point is a good foot scrub material.

3, it is very refreshing to drink coconut milk, after drinking the juice, dried coconut shell fibers to the body after the skin is a good helper.

4, buy a few bottles of scent and color are different bath bottle fine, not only beautify the bathroom, smooth skin, but also give yourself a good mood.

5, came home from work take some time to the United States and the United States to bubble bath, bath salts or flower petals sprinkled points, guarantee you do in addition to fatigue, stress totally disappeared.

6, a bottle of your favorite essential oils, incense every day a few drops in the bag, carry bag you refreshed all day.

7, before going to bed in the bedroom or the aromatherapy fragrance lamp lit candles, romantic atmosphere of relaxed sleep sleep the next day you will find yourself no longer as listless.

8, the morning, do first to do stretching exercises, deep breathing to the window three times, and then start washing.

9, grooming before and gaze in the mirror one minute conversation with a beautiful mind to time.

10, travel or business is do not forget to carry a favorite essential oil, on an airplane or train can be refreshing, drops on the pillow in the hotel so you can relax.

11, carry a bottle of mineral water spray bottle, remember to keep facial skin moisture.

12, dietary fiber can bowel detoxification, stomach and promote digestion, so should eat more fruits, try to drink less fruit juice containing cellulose.

13, try to stay away from fried, frying, baking and other cooking oil conditioning with plenty of food, not only high heat, but also accelerate cell oxidation, a hundred weight of beauty harm.

14, instead of using sugar-free chewing gum containing nicotine cigarettes, smoking will only make your skin dull.

15, do not think coffee is a great taste of things, it is not conducive to beautiful skin, or in plain water (preferably mineral water) to replace it.

16, eat slow down, slowly, not only conducive to weight loss, but also make them look a little more elegant appearance.

17, have the opportunity to go abroad, be sure to enjoy the local SPA, SPA so as a necessary travel inn, your point anyway, after all, a rare opportunity.

18, running or brisk walking is the most simple exercise, weight loss good, and easy to stick to it.

19, if the skin is not good, it would develop more exercise, more sweat habit of it, this is a good opportunity for skin detoxification.

20, drink plenty of water a day, less than 2000CC, which can effectively purify the body.

21, more with the water close to, whether it is water, swimming, bathing, are conducive to health, because the water is extracted in the recipe.

22, insisted it yoga, 40, 50-year-old film star who's a good figure, pretty face mostly thanks to yoga, Madonna is one example.

23, free to take a deep breath, not only help beautify the body, promoting blood circulation and help promote good health Jie.

24, can promote blood circulation to the skin, the body should be at least a week to once a skin, but also to prevent aging.

25, the same need to massage the scalp and body, may wish to use shampoo, bath time for self-massage, both physical health, but also relieve muscle tension and discomfort.

26, seaweed is a beauty to share food, eat kelp, the use of seaweed, sea mud skin care, access to weight-loss, beauty of double effect.

27, sat eating the best food to help digestion and absorption.

28, not unilateral chewing food, tooth for fit, cheek muscles is essential.

29, make-up to beautify the face, but the exercise or sleep do remember to remover to make the skin breathe naturally.

30, go out, do not forget to bring sunscreen (sunscreen, sun umbrellas, etc.).

31, a few minutes of meditation before bedtime to help relax and fall asleep as soon as possible, access to quality sleep.

32, Monday try to wear brightly colored clothes, do not wear too dull to easy pleasure to greet the new week of life.

33, try to make their side is full of orange, pink and pink and purple, these are pleasant color.

34, every day you do not forget to carry the weight of care and hard toil of the hands and feet, foot care cream, hand cream one less.

35, the leaves or dried flower petals made of simple, natural air became fragrant package.

36, soon withered flowers do not immediately discard the petals off to wash, to Bath, enjoy the rest of incense, is also regarded as a bubble bath to spend.

37, to abandon the habit of eat supper, do not let the burden of too much stomach at night.

38, a regular three meals a day has its own time quantitative scientific rationality, not because of weight loss or no time to break this rule, otherwise it will have a negative effect.

39, olive oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, sesame oil, these oils can be used to skin care, looking through the book may wish to check, how to effectively use them to do their own DIY beauty.

40, instead of eating high-calorie hamburgers, hot dogs, it is better to eat small size, low-calorie sushi, Japanese women are slim slender, and their eating habits are not unrelated.

41 more Chinese medicine shops to stroll, you will find a lot of materials with the SPA on spicy herbs, buy their own home SPA, fun.

42, diet and health are closely related, and their often eat greasy, take-away food is not fresh, it is better to buy a few of the recipes at home, DIY, fun and it helps both to improve health, to keep fit.

43, the morning after, if found to puffy eyes, bags under the eyes clear, with the freezing cold tea can relieve the symptoms of such damage the United States.

44 in the morning to try not to listen to music with lyrics, the lyrics do not let your limitations mood and feeling of the day.

45, overwhelmed by life stress or mental depression, the look can make you laugh or to cry cry to laugh comedy tragedy film, so emotional to a big turning point in order to release the pressure, soothing mood, and soon to shake off the shadow of my heart.

46, and friends continue to exchange beauty and fitness experience, he is an inspiration and encouragement.

47, to lose weight, the best one for companionship, to facilitate mutual encouragement, long-term adherence, avoid halfway.

48, when heavy rain outside the window, may wish to listen to rain by the window, it is best to appease the soul of the SPA treatments, and soon to feel relieved, the pressure digestion.

49, see more green and blue objects, not only good for vision, reduce eye fatigue, and mood will also become peaceful.

50, if the work is often required to sit in front of the computer, do not forget your deposited week, 1-2 times a Mask, you can add eye skin moisture, relieve eye fatigue.

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