Volcanic hot springs of the sea SPA treatment essence of nursing rhyme

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The: Atami volcano a beautiful place, her mysterious, quiet, full of meaning, here is a physical and me...

Atami volcano a beautiful place, her mysterious, quiet, full of meaning, here is a physical and mental recuperation, purification of the mind of the Holy Land, we specially launch your distinctive SPA therapies for you to choose:

1, Spring Charm - Jade soup Care

Tengchong jade a, jade dependents, people raise jade, jade has a soul, etc., in Tengchong too much about the legend of jade, but jade dependents, people raise is that people recognized jade, jade soup course is based on the major joints of human form of jade massage equipment produced in the Pearl Spring water for heating, and then the whole body massage, can improve blood circulation and muscle pain, loose skin, dry, relieve fatigue, eyesight Yang Xin wonders.

2, Spring Charm - Royal Princess beauty care

This treatment Yuka basil and other natural essential oils, the aromatherapist rich spiritual and severity of suitable skilled massage intensity, the back muscles to reduce fatigue, relieve anxiety and nervous tension, calm and relaxed mood. Then using rich in amino acids, pectin, vitamin group of marine organisms for facial nourishing essence of care, can effectively shrink pores, tighten skin, preventing wrinkles resulting relaxation.

3, the spring of rhyme - rain newborn care

Learn beautiful and vibrant flowers and fruits of tropical rainforest essence, to impose the original crystal dew new marine body scrub, to 250 million years of energy and 84 crystallized minerals and trace elements deep in the cortex under the action of water treatment, acid synthesis in the human body, and replenish the skin metabolism of energy and water needed to quickly restore skin new elasticity. Then therapists according to an individual's skin and institutional harmonization with only essential oils for your prescription, the use of a variety of techniques, improve muscle fatigue stiffness and pain, and to be calm your nervous system, the body immersed in a relaxed Among the state.

4, the spring of rhyme - Atami volcano Care

Product Description: Atami attendant volcanic complementary care Atami volcano is "hot sea SPA - spring rhyme," the top course of treatment, the use of years after the volcanic eruption of volcanic rock formation, and then 102 ° C in Atami "impregnable" (big roll pan hot) soak, so that volcanic hot stone hot water to fully absorb the unique trace elements, minerals and volcanic rock release, plus the "impregnable" own unique minerals, along with essential oils care of the entire body can supplement trace elements, meridians, soften skin, smooth skin, insomnia wonders.

5, Spring Charm - the mainstay of energy supplement care

Aromatherapist before using expensive herbal hot towel back, and then by the luxury of sandalwood, cedar and other precious natural essential oils, to ask, by, friction, rubbing, pushing, holding, rubbing, pinching, shaking, rolling, rubbing , and other hand techniques of massage to further promote blood circulation, relieve stress, strong spine, endocrine comprehensive regulation to restore the hale and hearty spirit. This treatment for health groups.

6, Spring Charm - Sports physical recovery care

Sports and SPA as a pair of twin brother and sister, can play a very good soothing effect. However, a movement down, muscle pain caused by movement through the SPA must be intimate care, in order to create a feeling people really into the whole body of wonderful realm. This treatment first by warm herbal foot bath to get rid of foot pain, and then use warm to hot leg Hee therapy, by pressing the skin to fully absorb the essence of herbal medicine in the towel, and finally use lemon grass, ginger and other natural essential oils For neck and shoulder, lumbar, leg and foot muscle tissue to touch, kneading, slap and other action groups, medicinal properties, depth to relieve muscle fatigue, so that your mind and body are gradually falling in paradise.

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