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The: The Springs hotel has three different styles, set simple and elegant, noble and stylish as one of ...
        Atami Hot Springs hotel has three different styles, set simple and elegant, noble and stylish as one of the spa hotel. Hotel is located in known as "Hot Springs Museum," said the hot sea area, room tones and elegant, natural and elegant rattan furniture make you feel warm and comfortable. Room garden, balcony, elegant landscapes, impressive Atami transpiration, wonderful panoramic view.
        Located at the foot of the Castle, jungle among the set of hot springs, accommodation, health food, specialty physical therapy as a whole. Promote "health, health, harmonious home" experience concept is modern troubles away from the city, cover the arms hidden in the mountains in the bathing paradise.
        Is full of stylish charm of the "paradise" rooms with hot springs, so you deserve to feel the unique experience.
        We offer family-style butler service, Atami Hot Springs hotel welcomes you!
The Springs Hotel
        Hotel Description: "Hot Springs jade, jade, such as Hot Springs' beautiful jade Atami hot spring is located in scenic farmland and farmland, hot springs and dense forest between the set of health spa, leisure and tourism as a whole. The total construction area of ​​9512.3 square meters, with twenty ancient vault natural blend of culture, health and cultural, architectural and cultural character, highlight the "honorable, ecological, private, exclusive" spa SPA villa.
        Dew fluttering, gurgling streams, it is the embrace of the mountains in a lush patch of paradise. Walking through the stone-paved road, you feel the flowers Fang Fang, the fragrance of grass, small bridges and insects and birds of poetic taste. Young trees which are spread into every embrace of Chinese antique building, bring you both immediate and fresh aftertaste is home, so you can not help but close to it, close to the feel and touch it.
        Along the stairs slowly on, open the wooden door, light step in the quartzite paved courtyard, you only want to lie on a comfortable beach chair Qingchuai a tea, soak in natural hot spring water once Take a deep breath, what earthly noise, worldly troubles to make it go to waste! There is only you and your state of mind accompanied by clear spirits.
        In the cicadas in sleep, to wake in the birds, let us take you jade butler in the morning and mix thoroughly breathe fresh air, playing some Tai Chi, Chinese self-cultivation of the chat channel, how to relax and enjoy.
Fairy Chilhotel
        Fairy Chilhotel is located in beautiful national AAAA level scenic area, National Geological Park, the provincial tourism resort hot sea area, is a foreign tourist villa-type hotel. Fairy Chilhotel is located in the embrace of Castle Peak, within the unique Feiquan attractions, compared with the beauty spa pool adjacent to where the early morning birds, steaming, night clean and elegant, exceptionally quiet, with swimming pool in front of the piece steady stream of the river, construction a wonderful "paradise." Facilities:
        Hotel services and facilities that are equipped with broadband service, chess rental, fax collection, guided tours, booking taxis and other supporting services. For visitors meetings, receptions, the Western point of physical therapy and other services, hotel guests in the hot part of premises consumption sea area, will also enjoy various benefits, the most characteristic is able to enjoy during your stay hot soup bath.
        Good service and the geothermal hot springs will make your trip feel more comfortable and warm, ideal for your sightseeing of the living.
        Booking Information:
        The normal hotel rooms reserved for the general time of 12:00-18:00. If you have to shop at 12:00, the hotel may be because you are No need to wait for some to availability, and other rooms in order to shorten your time, we recommend that you contact the hotel prior to the shop front, to understand the situation the day room. If you have to shop after 18:00, we will negotiate for you and the hotel, the latest re-confirm the retention time, the results will confirm the SMS or telephone notice to you. If the day of arrival, not prior to the retention time in the latest store, please contact the hotel in advance or the same process, consultation room reserved matters, so the room was outdated canceled. Free hotel stay beautiful pool spa experience beauty, beauty spa, four pools bubble pool a swimming pool, open-air SPA is pure paradise.
        Call 0875-5868888-- inquiries at the chamber, scheduled occupancy date ---- the name, telephone number, fax number - fax confirmation with booking people - full payment required - due to stay - invoice
ReHai Health Court
        Bubble world soup, steamed underground air, hot food products, enjoy human Kiyofuku.
        Heat Sea "Health House" located at the foot of the Castle, among the forests, set spa vacation, leisure, health, physical therapy as one of the spa hotel. Promote "health, health, harmonious home" experience philosophy, Chinese and Western Wenquan Ya home, away from the city is tired of the modern downtown, hidden in the mountains cover the embrace of the bathing paradise. "Health Corner" to quality, high-end host-based, demonstrate dignity, privacy, ecology, exclusive, to provide you with the family butler-style service. "Health Corner" of the building yard, a total of 18 sets of comfortable elegance, luxury suites of various styles. "Health House" in the SPA aromatherapy treatments based on traditional Chinese medicine and Taoist ideas, Tengchong jade by the moist, hot volcanic rock of the rough, tough bamboo light, the use of "Shu", "support" and "Mount", "pull "in order to conduct a comprehensive and detailed on the human body maintenance and care. Health Court stay, the staff will make you feel oriental enhanced level of service; exposure regimen Court, lying to listen to the sound of water, like a hermit in the Green Wave waves elegant environment, allowing you to enjoy the highest level of casual and warm.
        Here you can put down a number of cool things, to draw a lot of warm memories. There is a warm night, warm springs, warm soak, nourishing your mind, your thinking, and your inspiration ... ...
        Booking Information:
        Health Club during your stay, we will for you to provide housekeeping services, room service used stealth, no matter what the circumstances, no matter what, you only need to call the front desk, 24-hour room can be derived butler service. Services in two ways, one is that you need during your stay, the phone call butler, housekeeper will be based on your requirements the first time dedicated to provide you with services; second is wasted when you can provide full-time butler service. Butler will be in the room under the bathing process, allowing you to enjoy a complete hot spring SPA, so you come here and satisfied.
        Call 0875-5868888-- inquiries at the room, the occupancy date - scheduled persons name, phone number, fax number - fax confirmation with booking people - full payment required - due to stay - invoice


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