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Tengchong volcanic Atami Tourism Development Management Co., Ltd. was established in January 1, 2004, by Yunnan Airport Group Co., Ltd. and Tengchong state-owned Assets Management Co., Ltd. formed a joint venture. The company registered capital of 178.4 million yuan, 569 employees working people, is mainly responsible for national AAA-level volcanic parks and national AAAA level scenic area of ​​Atami development management and operation.

Since its establishment, always adhere to "people-oriented, honest service, environmental protection, health care, law-abiding, continuous improvement" management approach, adhering to the "team, transparency, innovation, together" business philosophy, while committed to the development area to manage for efficiency, service of survival, innovation and development, adhere to the "conservation of resources, to restore the landscape, improve facilities, enhance the taste of" the principle of development, and continuously improve service quality, efforts to build an international brand spa tourism.

In December 2007, the company volcanoes, hot sea area in the Ministry of Construction Scenic Area Management Office's "Chinese scenic spots network selection" campaign, was named "the most potential of China's top ten scenic spots"; January 2008 was Baoshan municipal government as a "civilized scenic 2007-2009"; April 2008, the company was Tengchong County Propaganda Department as a "foreign propaganda Tengchong County in 2007 advanced unit"; was named the Inland Revenue Department, Yunnan Province "Yunnan outstanding 2007 tax enterprise"; with the 8 May, the company is Yunnan Development and Reform Commission, the CPC Yunnan Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, Yunnan Province Civilization as "integrity unit price of Yunnan Province in 2007."

The main business scope: volcanoes, Atami attractions tourist attractions all within the scope (area) of the ticket sales and related project development, operation and management, hotel operations and management, tourism and real estate development, tourism products, development of arts and crafts sales, food and beverage entertainment and sports industries, domestic commercial trade, material supply industry (excluding franchised, control, and specialty goods), etc.

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