Hot Springs Notes

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1: First bath body, to keep the spa water, makes the skin more easily absorb the minerals in the water;

2: To ensure your safety, please follow the guidance of bath attendants Valley;

3: for civilized tourists, wearing only swimming trunks swimwear under the pool;

4: choose your body temperature, bubble pool soak, soak the order should be warm to hot, soak 15-20 minutes each time before landing a short break and then soaked; (soaked in hot pools should not exceed 10 minutes)

5: Children must be accompanied by parents under the pool;

6: you not allowed to bring food to the bath area to enjoy;

7: valuables, please register to the main station;

8: Please keep the key, should the loss of compensation of $ 200 to;

9: To protect the interests of tourists, the bath area declined all individuals or groups sightseeing, taking pictures is strictly prohibited Valley, photography;

10: non-alcoholic soak into the hot pool, soak those who insist on own responsibility;

11: suffering from heart disease, high blood pressure, physical discomfort or pregnant are advised not to soak into the hot pool, such as dry mouth, nausea and other uncomfortable feeling of the heart should break ashore, drink cups of mineral water may ease the discomfort;

12: Soak the end of the body washed with water, try not to use soap or bath to hold minerals absorbed by the skin surface.

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