Scenic conventions of civilization

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To create a civilized and harmonious environment, tourism, related to the vital interests of each visitor. Be civilized is our obligation to visitors, please observe the following conventions:

1, to maintain environmental hygiene. Do not spit and chewing gum, no litter, not smoking smoking.

 2, observe public order. Do not shout, queuing to comply with the order, not in parallel out of the way, do not talk in public places.

3, protect the environment. Not trampled green, do not pick off flowers and fruit, do not chase to catch, cast to play.

 4, protection of geological features. No, no climbing, damage; to protect the size of spring, not pollution free water (do not throw debris into the spring period), not random graffiti carved on the landscape attractions.

 5, the care of public facilities. Do not deface public goods (bath towels, room quilts, tableware), not to damage public facilities, not too Zhanxiaobianyi, saving water and electricity, meals not wasted.

 6, respect for rights of others. Photo and foreign guests are not forced, not in someone sneezing, not long-term occupation of public facilities, service personnel to respect labor, respect for their religious practices.

 7, pay attention to courtesy. Clean and decent clothes, not naked topless in public places; courteous young and old, sick, Ms. comity; do not speak foul language.

 8, to promote healthy entertainment. Against feudal superstitious activities, refused to pornography, gambling, drugs.

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