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          August 7,, the fourth Chinese brand section at the grand opening of Beijing's great hall of the people. After the Chinese brand's day the cooperation unit China's hot spring online expert panel recommended, yunnan volcanic ReHai tourist area as the national segmented hot spring well-known brand enterprise were represented the Chinese brand's day.

        At about 2, 11 th the National People's Congress standing committee, deputy chairman of the central ChenChangZhi with chairman, vice-chairman of the standing committee of the tenth National People's Congress, China's industrial union chairman brand reputation President gu xiulian, brand China industry alliance YiFeng chairman, vice chairman of ccpit China, China fourth quarter executive chairman of the organizing committee which brand leaders in the 6000 guests enthusiastic applause slowly took to the rostrum.

        The opening ceremony, the deputy chairman of ChenChangZhi published the important speech and announced that China fourth brand festival opening. He pointed out that: brand, is the enterprise sustainable development and expansion of the foundation. Brand, is the national symbol of comprehensive economic strength. For over 30 years of reform and opening up, China's rapid economic development, this also is incentive Chinese brand to go on and the source of power. Independent brand development is the integration of the world economy needs, is the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation the need, also is the construction of socialist harmonious society needs. And the national brand socialism modernization construction of the big picture, profound, is most important!      

    At the opening ceremony, the brand of China industry union President YiFeng, zhejiang geely holding group chairman, Volvo car company chairman LiShuFu, taikang life insurance Co., LTD. Chairman and CEO new Oriental education and technology group dung-sheng Chen, the chairman and chief executive of Mr Yu, the Chinese people's political consultative conference, deputy director of the economy, new hope group President, China minsheng bank vice chairman LiuYongHao, also were with "Chinese brand needs a revolution","Chinese entrepreneur's responsibility and mission," "the return of the education brand with cross", "China and China brand brand" as the theme for a great speech.