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The: Hot Springs is a naturally occurring, so the use of wood burning heaters or heating hot water and ...

Hot Springs is a naturally occurring, so the use of wood burning heaters or heating hot water and can not be considered, at best hot water. In addition, the classification according to chemical composition, the main ingredients include hot chloride, carbonate, sulfate, according to the proportion of these three anions chloride can be divided into spring, Salt Spring bicarbonate, sulfate spring. In addition to these three anions, there are also other components of the main hot springs, such as heavy Cao Quan (mainly sodium bicarbonate), soil types bicarbonate springs, salt springs (main ions in sodium chloride), chlorinated soil salt spring, Glauber's salt spring (mainly sodium ions), gypsum spring (mainly calcium sulfate), is bitter spring (mainly to magnesium sulfate), iron springs (white sulfur springs), copper, iron springs (also known as bronze springs) which is also known as salt spring salt spring, to follow the amount of chloride salt, divided into weak and strong salt springs salt springs. By geological classification to produce the geological characteristics of hot springs, hot springs can be classified as igneous Hot Springs, Hot Springs metamorphic, sedimentary area hot springs. According to the temperature physical properties according to Hot Springs, activities, types and other physical properties, depending on the temperature according to the local hot springs out of the surface with the surface temperature difference, can be divided into low-temperature hot springs, the temperature of hot springs, hot springs, boiling hot springs of four.

The spring water temperature exceeds 20 ℃. Temperature than the local average temperature of the spring, also known as Hot Springs. More hot water by precipitation or surface water into the ground deep, absorbing four weeks after the heat rising out of the rock surface. Generally spa. Spring water temperature equal to or slightly more than the local boiling point of water is called Feiquan; can periodically, rhythmic water hot springs called geysers. Chinese point of about 2400 known to many hot springs. Taiwan, Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Yunnan, Tibet and other places are more Hot Springs, the largest in Yunnan, there are more than 400 hot springs. The most famous hot spring in Tengchong, quantity, high temperature, sulfur-rich quality. The world famous geyser mainly in Iceland, Yellowstone Park, the United States and New Zealand North Island Taupo.

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