The origin of hot spring culture

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The: Qin Shi Huang Jian, "Li Shan Tang" is to treat sores, Xu mountain and sea search for the elixir of...

What culture originated in the hot springs where the answer may have been age-old was not exam. The beginning, human beings find hot springs, also found that animals in the spring to restore tired. It is said that the Japanese did not know the beginning of spring with the treatment of diseases of the function, then the sight of a wounded animal in a small hot spring to recover quickly after miraculously, this led them to seriously study the function from the hot springs. Gradually the hot springs as a modern leisure and health, and even the treatment of decompression method, this trend spread rapidly across the world. Qin Shi Huang Jian, "Li Shan Tang" is to treat sores, Xu mountain and sea search for the elixir of life and, after drifting to the Wakayama prefecture in Japan has retained a local "Xu" of the soup spa. To the Tang Dynasty, Emperor-built "hot house", the poet has left a lot of writing, describing the beauty from the spa bath powder case, which shows the history and culture of China's ancient hot spring. Japanese hot springs of love it is not to say, three steps of a small soup, Buyi big soup, hot springs in terms of Japanese daily life has become a very important part, has developed a set of different from other countries spring bathing culture and efficacy of finishing, which we call "Tang Zhiwen of." Also has a long history of continental Europe the Romans, they cited again heated spring water flow built to let people use the baths in which the United Kingdom and Turkey and other places famous Bath spa, and even today are still in use.

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