The formation of hot springs

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The: The formation of hot springs in general can be divided into two types: one is the role of magma wi...

The formation of hot springs in general can be divided into two types: one is the role of magma within the crust formed by, or associated with volcanic eruptions produce volcanic activity over the survival of mountain terrain area, due to the uplift of the surface crustal plate movement, the there is no underground cooling of magma, will continue to release a lot of heat because the heat of such concentrated heat source, so long as the water near the rock pores, will not only become a high-temperature hot water heating, and most will boil of steam. Mostly sulfate spring. Two is the cycle of infiltration by surface water formed. That is when the rain fell down the penetration of the surface, deep into the depths of the crust formation of the groundwater aquifer, (sandstone, conglomerate, volcanic rock, these good aquifers). Groundwater into the bottom of the geothermal heating hot water, deep water contains most of the gas, these gases are mainly carbon dioxide, when the water temperature, if the above dense, impermeable rock blocking the path, make the pressure higher and higher , resulting in hot water, high pressure steam in a rush cracks on the channeling. The more close to the surface water increased and then gradually reduce the pressure, due to decreasing pressure gradually leaving the contained gas expansion, reducing the density of water, which is more conducive to the expansion of water vapor increased. Increase in water and then heated with the sinking of cold water later generated by the density of different pressure (hydrostatic pressure difference) convection loop repeatedly, in an open fracture resistance is relatively small, rise through fissures pouring surface, hot water upwelling can be endless, and finally to the outflow of the ground, the formation of hot springs. In terrain with mountains and deep valleys, the bottom surface may lower the water table high in the mountains, the valley bottom may be the largest at the hydrostatic pressure difference, and upwelling of hot water should be poured in from the bottom, most likely, spring tends to occur In the valley of the river bed.

In general, the formation of hot springs to be with the following three conditions:

(A) the underground water must be present;

(B) must have a hydrostatic pressure difference leading to upwelling of hot water;

(C) must have a deep fissure in the rock hot water accessible surface.

Taiwan in the circum-Pacific seismic belt, located between two plates of Eurasia and the Pacific, that volcanic activity is one of well-developed terrain, so creating Taiwan's three major volcanic system -> Datun volcanoes (Keelung volcano, turtle Island), eastern Coastal Range and the Penghu Archipelago, but most of the volcanoes are all extinct, because there is not deep underground to continue the cooling lava flows paddle, geothermal hot springs in Taiwan has resulted in the distribution and activities very active, so the volcano area can often be found within the hot springs and fumaroles. Volcanic hot springs of sulfur to be dissolved in case of a large number of hot water will form a "spring sulfate (gypsum springs, commonly known as the Sulphur Springs)" and "hydrochloric acid spring." Another major system is to run through both sides of the island's central mountain range, the number of a few hot springs in this region more than 80% of the total units, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks are as rich in bicarbonate ions, sodium and rocks, magnesium, calcium, potassium, minerals, made the role of "carbonated spring," so much as a neutral or alkaline.

Izumiguchi the temperature significantly higher than the local average temperature but lower than (equal to) 45 ℃ outcrop called natural hot springs of groundwater. The maximum hot water temperature up to above 70 ℃.

Is the water warm enough to bathe, cook dumplings, boiled green cabbages, spring water it is called spring lamb. Of course, because the spa is a naturally occurring, so the use of wood burning heaters or heating hot water and can not be considered, at best hot water.

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